SAS Shoes General Store

Itís more than just a shoe store.

In 1978, a small retail store was added to the corner of the SAS factory. As the store grew, antiques were added to represent fine craftsmanship, which is the basis of the SAS shoemaking philosophy. Visitors and customers enjoyed fresh popcorn, icy cokes and roasted peanuts (and they threw the shells on the floor)!

When the factory burned in 1998, we saw an opportunity to create something even better. Using remnants of the old factory, we developed another General Store with a complete line of SAS shoes and handbags. Gradually, a kitchen, a candy store and an ice cream parlor emerged. Vintage cars and early farm equipment were displayed around the store. When an early 1900’s barn was added it included a small factory where visitors could watch skilled shoemakers creating our latest comfort product, Li’l SAS shoes for children.

The SAS Factory and General Store have become regular stops for tour buses from all over the country. The next time you’re in San Antonio, stop by for a visit. We’re always glad to see you.

The SAS Factory and General Store is located at 101 New Laredo Hwy in San Antonio, TX.

Store Hours are:
Monday-Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Sunday