Dear Friends,

Thought you would be interested in my recent experience. Enrolled in a 3 week Elderhostel trip to Ukraine and Russia, which, in the descriptive literature, said there would be a lot of walking, including on cobblestone and rough surfaces.

I did not wish to buy athletic shoes and when talking with a friend, she recommended SAS shoes. I had never heard of them.  She told me where to buy them. I bought Siesta Comfort Mocs. I knew from the minute I put them on that they would be comfortable – as they were.

To my amazement, probably half of the 20 women on the trip – or maybe more – were wearing SAS. Some said they had had them for years. (As people climbed the bus steps ahead of me, I could see their shoes and looked for the SAS identity.)

Don’t know how I missed them in the past, but am delighted to know you now!

Marie B.