The Aden Men's Dress Shoe Launch with the fabulous Beekman Boys of Beekman 1802

Nov 8, 2018 2:04 PM Featured Products
The Aden Men's Dress Shoe Launch with the fabulous Beekman Boys

Over the last couple of months, SAS Shoes has established a treasured friendship with the lovely Beekman Boys of Beekman 1802 and we must say, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge bring a sense of ‘joie de vivre’ everywhere they go. In 2010, the boys decided to leave their urban lifestyle behind to buy a farm in Upstate New York where they acquired their beloved goats and began producing soaps and cheese. This is how Beekman 1802 Mercantile came to be. This endeavor led to a reality show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, which helped spread their cheery small-town charm and message of hard work. Little did they know their efforts to find themselves would go far beyond their picket fences. Today, Josh and Brent collaborate with local farmers, craftspeople, and artisans to produce a variety of goods from beauty to food and even apparel.

Exploration of Peru. On a recent Trip of a Lifetime to Peru, the boys enjoyed boating on the Amazon River, walking on suspension bridges, shopping local food & craft markets, all in the comfort of their gifted SAS Shoes. Hiking alongside Machu Picchu, sifting through markets and shops and enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Peru was made effortless in their durable and versatile Journey Mesh Active shoes designed specifically for walking. Realizing they could achieve both style and comfort, the Beekman Boys quickly became happy fans of SAS Shoes. From there a mutual brand appreciation was born.

Beekman Boy’s Visit SAS. Following their amazing experience in Peru, SAS extended an invitation for the boys to come to San Antonio and learn more about the shoemaking process. They appreciated the precise steps taken by the 80+ pair of skilled hands behind the construction and inspection of each SAS shoe. What was initially a visit to share the handcrafting process of shoemaking for a feature in the Beekman 1802 Winter Almanac, quickly turned into a fun-filled exploration of the historic city, the SAS Factory and a trip to our famed General Store. Josh was even pleasantly surprised when we celebrated his birthday with a delicious cake and gifts.

While in San Antonio, the boys were also proud to learn about our new cross-training shoes for recruits and they loved learning that they’re made right here in the USA. Josh and Brent’s venture to San Antonio consisted of them exploring like true Texans, visiting the SAS General Store, and touring the shoe factory, where they got to meet our shoemakers and learn each step of the process behind what it takes to create a single pair of shoes. You can check out all their great shots from their stay in San Antonio using the hashtag ‘#escapefeelsgood’ on Instagram, which the Beekman Boys used throughout their trip.

It's no secret that these gentlemen are always up for a challenge and love learning new crafts.

Aden Launch. During their trip to San Antonio, they were able to take part in the launch of the new men’s dress shoe, the Aden. It’s no secret that these gentlemen are always up for a challenge and love learning new crafts. So, after becoming acquainted with the shoe making process, the boys were excited to get a hands-on experience and help make a pair of the Aden shoes, which they loved! They even helped box a few pairs for the launch. Their SAS experience didn't end there. Next on the list was a tour of the very first SAS Shoe store, the General Store. The boys were excited to see their products carried on the shelves of the famous store. They were both delighted to be the first people to be fitted and wear the new men’s Aden shoe and shared the moment with their many social media fans. They sincerely appreciated the handcrafted aspect to the footwear and that they are still proudly made in America. You can read all about their trip in their Beekman 1802 Winter Almanac

Harvest Fest. The boys' week in San Antonio flew by but the fun didn't end there. We were flattered when they invited SAS to their annual Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs, New York. We were excited to be a part of this experience and celebrate the hard work and dedication of local farmers and artisans alike. We gladly packed our bags and headed to Sharon Springs in our ‘Lifestyle Express’ SAS truck to set up a pop-up store at the festival. We were delighted to share with their fans how our handcrafted shoes are made and show each guest what makes them so special. The boys, who produced this year’s event even stopped by our booth a couple times to show some support. They were even spotted sporting some of their SAS Shoes during the exciting event. We highly suggest the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival be on your 2019 to-do list!

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