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Americans are Racing to Embrace Comfort Footwear

Jul 10, 2018 2:21:00 PM Featured Products

Recent studies show that Americans are dropping uncomfortable high heels and poorly made shoes for stylish shoes made by comfort brands. A strong shift is taking place in fashion as more and more Americans are prioritizing casual comfort over other options, especially when it comes to shopping for footwear. Women in particular are choosing to dress down and embrace less formal shoes and casual dress codes. Strappy sandals, slides and slip-on loafers all experienced double-digit growth, according to a recent Media Post article. Ballet flats and athleisure footwear have even popped up on red carpets and at weddings as sales of high heels dropped 12% over the last year, according to NPD Group research.

Could this be because we’ve been made more aware of the effects of wearing badly made footwear? It’s becoming increasingly acceptable to wear kicks and sandals to dinner, work, and just about anywhere else, as women flee overpriced, mass produced high heels for comfort footwear. With that being said, we wanted to highlight some of our most stylish handcrafted comfort shoes for you to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Marnie sneaker

Thanks to the athleisure trend being so popular, wearing athletic/performance shoes is acceptable – pretty much anywhere. SAS' Marnie is a casual yet stylish lace-up that feels light and flexible on your feet. Available in multiple fabulous colors, the Marnie features TRIPAD® Technology to support the three main pressure points of the foot for guaranteed comfort.

Italian made strappy Simone sandal

If you’re more of a luxe sandal kind of woman, our Italian made strappy Simone sandal is a must! This sandal can carry you from the conference room to a charity dinner. Casual enough for a picnic in the park and luxurious enough for just about any type of wedding, the Simone comes in a variety of vibrant and classic colors and features leather lining to keep the foot cool and dry throughout the day.

high-end look loafer

If you’re looking for a dream pair of stylish and comfortable loafer’s, then look no further than these next two designs. Both pair of these beauties offer a high-end look paired with an ingenious profile that works for just about every outfit you can come up with. Our Luxe and Linette II loafers add a touch of sophistication to any outfit on any occasion. From slacks to cut-off denim, these loafers are the perfect accessories, providing an effortless transition from mom-mode to office chic to casual.

Chloe sling-back

Nothing makes a statement more than a fashionable sling-back. Our Chloe sling-back shoe is elegant and features a cushioned insole for added comfort. This shoe comes in a variety of stylish hues and is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Be it casual or sophisticated, our Chloe sling-back is a timeless style.

Dazzle slide sandal

What is summer without a pair of go-to sandals? Our Dazzle slide sandal is a fashionable shoe ideal for warm temperatures. Featuring a stream of bling down the T-strap, the Dazzle is both gorgeous, flexible and fashion-forward. Perfect for all-day wearing comfort.

There is no longer an expectation of what women have to wear and where they have to wear it too. Most women these days are multi-tasking – going from daycare to work, to visit friends and family, or just picking up the kids, so multipurpose footwear that’s equally comfortable and stylish is a must, and luckily, SAS has you covered!