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Best Athleisure Shoes for Warmer Months by SAS Shoes

Jul 5, 2018 1:41:00 PM Featured Products

Most people like to set fitness-focused resolutions starting January. But those goals tend to be pushed back due to freezing temperatures and dark and gloomy days. And it’s not just fitness-oriented goals that get set aside, people naturally embrace being home bodies in the winter months as opposed to going out and being active. One study found that physical activity increases by 1.4 MET-hours per day in men and 1.0 MET-hours per day in women during the summer.

Women's SAS Tour Mesh Athleisure shoe. With the temperature getting warmer and an increase in daylight time, it’s no wonder people feel more inclined to get out and get stuff done. Warmer weather and longer days make outdoor activities more enjoyable and safer. From riding a bike to going out with the kids and even getting involved in a park, beach, or lake cleanup, SAS Shoes has the best athleisure footwear for busy-bees this summer!

The women's Tour Mesh and men's Journey Mesh are stylish and comfortable active shoes ideal for individuals that are constantly on-the-go or simply looking to increase their summer activity in style and comfort. The Tour Mesh's and Journey Mesh's comfort technology includes:

Journey Mesh are stylish and comfortable active shoes

1. Leather and Mesh Upper
Combination of genuine leather and breathable mesh.

2. Cushioned Knit Upper Lining
Lined with knit fabric, this padded lining offers breathability and soft to the touch comfort.

3. EZ Lace System
This unique system makes it easy to slide the laces through D-shaped rings. Slipping on and off is a breeze with this system.

4. CoolSTEP™ Footbed
Removable anti-microbial footbed keeps the foot cool and dry while providing a dual density PU foam to cushion and support your heel while giving your foot all over comfort and breathability. Can be cleaned with SAS Footbed Cleaner Kit.

5. TRIPAD® Technology
Comfort system that provides shockabsorption and support to the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel.

6. SteadyTrac Midsole
Lightweight, shock-absorbing, and flexible SAS SteadyTrac Midsole offers a forepart stabilizer for added lateral stability.

7. Comfort Outsole
This is a multilayered, flexible, and durable sole which provides consistent grip and comfort in a non-marking compound designed to cushion your foot all day long.

These active shoes are the perfect fit for people on the go who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. Both the Journey and Tour Mesh are available in different sizes, widths, and stylish colors to match your unique style.