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How to Wear Ankle Boots All Year Long

February 18, 2019 By Chealsea Hunt

When you hear the term “boot season,” there’s a good chance you picture oversized sweaters, scarves, jackets, and jeans along with your favorite pair of ankle boots. But what if we told you that boots aren’t just the perfect cold-weather shoe, and boot season doesn’t actually exist at all?

According to modern fashion trends, you can absolutely rock your boots all year round! It’s no longer about when to wear boots, but how you wear boots to make them seasonally appropriate.

Unsure how to style your boots for warmer days? Tired of boring rain boots in April showers but lacking options? Don’t worry, SAS is here to help. We carry a wide selection of versatile women’s boots that are not only great in fall and winter, but full of potential in spring and summer as well! Weather resistant features and fashionable designs make our boots a great choice, no matter the climate outside.

Shop our boots online and follow the tips below to transition your style smoothly from one season to the next this year. Live your best boot life in 2019!

Seasonal Boot Style Tips


Vita Ankle Boot

Spring is just around the corner! That means the weather is going to be a bit erratic for the next few months. Colder mornings and evenings, hotter afternoons, and unexpected rain showers are in store! So how should you dress to impress in the days to come?

Layers, layers, layers!

And you can’t go wrong with layers and ankle boots!

If you’re aiming for a more casual, trendier look, layering high-waisted shorts over sheer leggings can be fun. Throw a knit sweater on over a tank and add some chunky boots to complete the look. Gretchen boots from SAS are fantastic for this type of ensemble. These shoes are weather resistant, so they’re great for hiking out in the elements or traversing rainy city streets in style and comfort. Wear them with a pair of moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and comfortably cool all day long.

Tights and booties also go great under Spring dresses!

Or lose the tights and throw on a cute jacket when it’s cooler out.

Booties and midi-length hemline dresses look amazing, and they can be both casual and classy together. When the sun is low and temperatures are chilly outside, top off the look with a trench coat for a more comfortable, business-chic vibe. When it gets hotter, remove your jacket and you're good to go!

Denim jackets also make a great spring bootie-companion. They look great over traditional spring-colored dresses and skirts. Pair pastels or flower prints with a light tone or rich colored bootie like Dylan or Vita from SAS for a bright and carefree look.

You can also choose a darker floral pattern, and match it with a leather jacket and classic black ankle boots to give your Spring vibe a bit of an edge. Vita looks great with this style as well. Another great option is Jade!


Dylan Ankle Bootie

As the days get warmer, lose the jacket but keep the dresses and boots!

Booties do a great job of toughening up your hyper-feminine sundresses, so you get the best of both worlds. And it’s a great way to spice things up and avoid always pairing your dresses or other summer styles with sandals.

Here at SAS, we’re like you. We LOVE a good sandal!

But the same shoe style every day can get boring. And sandals simply aren’t practical for every occasion.

For example, if you’re going to be standing at a crowded music festival, you’ll want to wear close-toed shoes to protect yourself from getting stepped on. Booties with a wider opening at the top allow some air flow, keeping you cool and safe from other people dancing too close. The extra support provided by boots can also help you stay comfortable for long hours on your feet. Not to mention, they’re super cute with summer clothing.

One of our favorite summer looks comes from pairing ankle boots with a flowy dress or denim shorts and a loose-fitting blouse. This style can give either a boho or western vibe, depending on how you accessorize. Dylan from SAS (pictured above) can instantly take on a “cowgirl” aesthetic if you add a leather belt and rustic jewelry. This is a perfect look for attending a summer rodeo or hitting the local dance hall!


Duchess Knee-High Boot

Color is incredibly helpful in transitioning seamlessly from summer to fall, as warm tones look great in either season. Continue to embrace rich olives, golds, reds, and earthy browns as the leaves begin to change.

Booties work great with thick leggings and sweaters. This has become a fashion-stand-by for many people this time of year. You probably turn to this style every fall. You hope it never goes out of fashion, because it’s comfortable and cute.

In fact, this look may very well last forever. It certainly shows no signs of losing popularity any time soon.

That being said, variety is the spice of life, so you’ll want to change things up from time to time.

If you are going to pair skinny jeans with your booties, roll those cuffs up this fall! Roll your sleeves up while you’re at it. Add a little texture to your look.

It's not quite winter yet, so dresses still work when the weather’s nice. Break out the long sleeve dresses and the taller women’s boots! Styles like Sabina and Duchess from SAS work perfectly with this type of look.

When the weather is too much for a dress, keep your taller boots on and pair them with jeans and a puffer vest for a fun, comfortable style.


Jade Ankle Bootie

There may be no such thing as boot season, but we have to admit that winter is always a boot’s time to shine.

Traditionally, winter colors are rich, deep, luxurious, dramatic and powerful. And what’s more dramatic than a pair of rich leather boots?

Wear high contrasting colors to create a unique visual style! Dark boots really pop against lighter jeans!

As temperatures drop even lower, upgrade your fall puffer vest to a puffer coat and pair it with thick, cozy leggings. Finish the look with sleek boots to add an upscale element to a comfy style. Our Delaney, Maddy and Duchess shoes are great options for this style.

Add a touch of flair to the conventional, subdued winter color pallet with bright jewel-toned ankle boots over dark or grey-wash skinny jeans. Simi by SAS in Mirage Wine or Navy adds a vibrant, stylish pop to any look! Gretchen in red or navy is another great choice for a more casual, daytime look!

Whatever day of the year it is, whatever style you’re going for, you can’t go wrong with a cute and comfy boot to complete your look.

If you're unsure what SAS boot style to purchase first – or what style to add to your growing collection next – we'd recommend owning one pair of classic black boots and some stylish brown booties. These options go with practically everything, every season.

If you still have questions, we invite you to stop by your local SAS store for a professional shoe fitting to find the right boot styles and size for you!

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