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Let's Fiesta San Antonio!

March 29, 2019 By Chealsea Hunt Fiesta San Antonio Shoes Medal Fiesta San Antonio Shoes Medal

San Antonio’s biggest annual event began 128 years ago as a single parade to honor the victims of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. That remains at the heart of this occasion, but it’s grown to be so much more since the first memorial in 1891. Today, it is a celebration of our city’s rich and diverse cultures, people, and history. Not to mention it has become one of the grandest festivals held in the US each year! The nation’s spotlight will soon be on us, because it’s time to Fiesta San Antonio!

Show us your SHOES!!

It’s little wonder why this quirky Fiesta tradition is a favorite here at SAS. Every year during the parades, the women of the royal court don elaborate floor-length gowns. It’s unclear when this all started, but it’s become commonplace for people in the crowd to yell out “Show us your shoes!” And of course, the lovely ladies of the court are happy to oblige.

Because their shoes aren’t typically visible beneath their dresses, they’ve been known to wear anything from athletic shoes to flip flops and cowboy boots, simply because they’re more comfortable than most heels. And once people started demanding to see their shoes, the Queens, Princesses, and Duchesses of Fiesta San Antonio began decorating their out-of-place-footwear for the crowd’s amusement. They use everything from sequins and flowers to balloons, ribbons and more!

The SAS team will actually be marching in this year's Flambeau parade, because we're sponsoring the event. We'll "show you our shoes" as we pass by with our parade float! We will all be wearing either the women’s Tempo or the men’s Pursuit pursuit. We look forward to seeing you there!

Be sure to wear shoes you want to show off as well, because this custom has actually spread from the parade floats and into the crowds. It’s not unusual for groups of friends to greet each other by shouting “Show us your shoes!”

Most people attending the festivities, however, opt for shoes that are stylish and practical as opposed to outlandish and overtly decorated like those worn by Fiesta royalty.

If you will be attending this year’s celebrations, you’ll definitely want to wear shoes fit for the occasion!

Fiesta is a vibrant, colorful event, so you’ll want shoes that really pop with the rest of your outfit. The weather is typically warm and sunny this time of year, so SAS suggests wearing a stylish sandal. But don’t make it all about fashion. You’re going to be on your feet most of the day, so you need a shoe that’s cute and comfortable!

We’ve put together some tips and recommendations to help you find the right shoe to fit your style.

The Perfect Shoes for Fiesta

SAS Shelly Women's Sandals Fiesta San Antonio SAS Shelly Women's Sandals Fiesta San Antonio

If you’re wearing more muted or soft pastel clothing for Fiesta, consider a bright and bold shoe that stands out. Our Shelly sandal in lipstick certainly draws the eye. Alternatively, if your clothes feature bright colors or elaborate patterns, a striking white shoe will contrast beautifully. Just look at our stunning Shelly in white!

Or if you prefer sandals with a backstrap, Marina in red is a lovely choice. And both of the aforementioned options will provide the support you need for all-day wear!

If you do want to continue your lively color scheme with a more colorful option, SAS has you covered!

Consider Sanibel in silver blue. This shoe slides onto the foot in a similar fashion to the flip-flop, but it is greatly elevated in fashion and provides superior comfort and support. Sanibel is made from soft, premium leathers and includes a cushioned footbed to support you all day long.

If you’d rather opt for a more formal style, Carine in sky/silver blue is a wonderful choice! This stylish wedge comes in plush, genuine Italian leather, and it’s lining has natural anti-microbial properties to help keep you cool and dry for long hours on your feet. Rest easy, look incredible, and enjoy Fiesta San Antonio from the early morning and well into the night!

SAS Shelly Women's Sandals Fiesta San Antonio SAS Sanibel Women's Sandals SAS Carine Women's Sandals Fiesta San Antonio SAS Shelly Women's Sandals Fiesta San Antonio SAS Carine Women's Sandals Fiesta San Antonio

Perhaps you’re looking for something upscale, but also down to earth? Choose a wedge or sandal in a rich, neutral color!

Our Rosa wedge and Sorrento sandal both come in a beautiful, earthy tone. The intricate woven leather gives a unique textured look and feel to each of these fashionable, supportive designs. And you have the option to add decorative bling to your Sorrento to show off whenever someone shouts, “Show us your shoes!”

If you’re also in the market for a Fiesta-friendly handbag, look no further than our gorgeous Shelby! This luxurious, spacious tote has plenty of room for all the unique items you may buy at Fiesta, and it has multiple pockets to help you stay organized. Keep your fashion on point, and stay comfortable all day with Shelby's rich leather straps designed to rest comfortably on your shoulder and made for long-lasting wear.

SAS Rosa Women's sandals Fiesta San Antonio SAS Rosa Women's sandals Fiesta San Antonio SAS Shelby tote purse handbag Fiesta San Antonio SAS Rosa Women's sandals Fiesta San Antonio SAS Shelby tote purse handbag Fiesta San Antonio

Shop SAS and make sure you’re ready to Fiesta San Antonio! Check out our recommendations, and then find your favorite styles online or in-store. We're currently giving away SAS Fiesta Medals on all orders over $25 in our San Antonio SAS locations, so if you're in the area hurry in and get yours today, while supplies last!

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