Make Your Next Business Trip, Spring Break or Family Vacation More Enjoyable with These Five Travel Tips

March 14, 2018 3:28 PM Featured Products

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As weary travelers the world over can attest, flying has become more challenging than ever before. Seats get smaller and luggage fees climb while planes are now frequently packed from end-to-end. To make your travel smoother, here are five easy changes that will have you travelling like a pro.

1. Keep Wipes Handy:

To save money and mess we suggest you keep travel-size wet wipes in your handbag or brief case. They are perfect to clean up sticky spills, freshen hands and wipe down your recently vacated seat. You will find a million uses for these handy little wipes.

2. Pack Light, Spend Less:

As airlines begin to charge for every little piece of luggage, you can cut down on costs by sticking to just what you need for your trip and leaving the excess you never wear or use behind. This will save you on sky-high baggage fees.

3. Don’t Wait, Just Carry-On:

Want to zip in and zip out of the airport with ease and less frustration? Stick to a carry-on bag. Baggage check lines are taking longer and longer and start trips off on a frustrating note. By sticking to a carry-on, you will be in and out of the airport much quicker and all the happier for it.

4. Layer-Up:

Dress in layers to save space in your carry-on and be more flexible for rapid changes in temperature inside and outside. A basic cardigan or jacket comes in handy for many occasions.

5. Versatility is Key:

Every traveler should own comfortable travel shoes that dress up and down. Not only does this save space in your suitcase but if you choose the right shoe your feet will thank you later.

SAS Shoes recently launched a delightfully light women’s shoe called Sunny. Why are social media influencers raving about it as a great travel shoe? Not only is it light, flexible and made for travel, but it can be dressed up for dinner or down for a walk on the boardwalk, providing more room in your luggage. What makes the Sunny so comfy?

SAS TRIPAD® Technology: This comfort system provides shock-absorption and support to the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel.

SAS Removable Comfort Footbed: The Sunny’s comfort footbed (which is removable) is shock-absorbing with added metatarsal & arch-support that contours from heel to toe for a comfortable walking experience.

EMAX® Ultra-Flexible EVA Sole: EMAX® is a high performance and lightweight microcellular cushioning system developed for high abrasion with shock-absorbing technology.

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