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Really POP in Neutral Colors!

September 30, 2019 By Chealsea Hunt

Neutrals in fashion are the colors that go with everything. Think shades of black, white, gray, and brown. These are the essential building blocks for any woman's wardrobe. But if you rely too heavily on standard neutral tones alone, your look may fall a bit flat. That's why I've put together this list of tips and tricks, so you can take your neutral ensemble from simple to simply stunning!

Really Pop in Neutral Colors

Create Color Contrast

If you build your wardrobe correctly, you'll have tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes in a variety of neutral colors that combine to create an array of outfits.

You always have the option to select a single color palette. This is a classic style that never really goes out of fashion. Shades of gray and black together can be fantastic, and so can white with soft beige tones. However, if you do this monochromatic look too often, it can get stale.

Mix things up by mixing neutrals! Periodically pair bright colors with dark tones to give a dramatic contrasting effect.

Make a Statement in Metallics

Some natural metals also count as neutral colors in fashion. The most popular ones include various golds, silver, bronze, and pewter.

You can choose a touch of metallic, selecting accessories or shoes that really shine. Or you can opt for a metallic top or skirt with a classic silhouette. This adds a fun element to your look, but still maintains that "neutral" style. Varying between the two options will help keep your look fresh.

Include Bright Accents

When building your wardrobe, it's crucial to include clothing in neutral colors. As I said before, these are the building blocks of fashion. However, it is just as important that you stock up on bright accessories to keep things interesting!

Add a bit of flair with a vibrant handbag or throw on some jewelry with a bold hue. Stand out in purple, blue, or yellow shoes. And don't forget that makeup is a wonderful way to add some exciting color to your look!

Play with Patterns

Patterns are an easy way to enhance your neutral ensembles. From plaids to animal prints, the right design can really elevate your style. It is a great way to break up your outfit and make the individual garments and accessories stand out. And as long as the primary colors are neutral, it still counts as a neutral piece overall. This makes it easy to pair with most things in your closet!

Try Different Textiles

Just like patterns, textiles can be used to break up the different elements of your outfit and keep your look multi-dimensional. Pairing sleek pants with a fluffy sweater or wearing suede booties with a satin dress adds some much needed complexity to your style.

Pick and choose from these tips to keep your neutral wardrobe looking fresh.

Check out some truly winning ensembles below, and get inspired to create your own neutral-chic looks!

Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful

Here, you've got light and dark neutral tones contrasting beautifully, and the bold red lip adds that perfect touch of brightness!

SAS Simi Metallic Heel

Meanwhile, the Rose Gold metallic heel on our upscale Simi boot takes this look to a whole new level!

Shining Bright

SAS Simi Heel Navy

Fashion influencer Cici opted for the Simi Mirage Navy as a bright color pop with her otherwise neutral look! It's a stunning accent to the metallic pencil skirt she's wearing. And the sleek/soft textile combo she's selected keeps the look interesting!

A Little Suede Goes a Long Way

SAS Jade Low Boot

Step up your own textile game with our suede Jade ankle boot, a knit sweater, and the sleek Heidi II handbag featuring a woven trim! Pair browns and blacks for an eye-catching contrast.

All Warm and Fuzzy

SAS Sporty Lux Black

Or go with a monochromatic color scheme and let the textiles and patterns do all the talking! This plaid pant/fuzzy sweater look is the definition of casual-chic, and it is picture perfect with the new Sporty Lux in black perf!

The Playful Professional

SAS Bliss Tan Leopard

Look a little more "business'' and a little less "casual" by including tweed as one of your textiles. This look contrasts a soft cream colored tweed jacket with black slacks and a black shirt. To add a bit of flair and fun that's work-place appropriate, you can include some gold accent jewelry and a patterned shoe!

Bliss is an upscale slip-on that's available in a variety of colors, including the bold "tan leopard" print.

A Touch of Color

SAS Gretchen Boot SAS Simplify Slip-On SAS Gretchen Boot SAS Simplify Slip-On

A red accent also works great with neutral color palettes. I mentioned the red lipstick earlier in this article, but red shoes are always a fantastic option to consider!

For a comfortable fit and trendy look, check out Gretchen and Simplify.

Don't get bogged down with boring neutral clothing. Shop the styles I've mentioned here and begin building your perfect wardrobe today!

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