The Advantages of SAS Shoes Slip-Resistant Technology & S-Motion Technology for Walking and Working Comfort

April 17, 2018 4:19 PM Tips and Tricks

Properly made footwear is a wise investment in all walks of life. However, it is especially necessary in a number of occupations in order to maintain safety on the job. Worker safety should be a priority to both employers and employees at all times. You can count on SAS’ carefully constructed shoes, which feature unparalleled technology, to possibly reduce the chance of injuries due to slips, as well as ensure comfort and the appropriate support required for those who need it most.

Slip-resistant shoes reduce the possibility of slips due to oil, grease, water, and many other liquids in work places with unpredictable floors. SAS’ slip-resistant shoes are specifically made for on-the-job safety to keep you moving more securely no matter the surface! Features include water resistant leather, TRIPAD® technology, a removable CoolSTEP™ footbed, and most importantly, SAS X-Tra Grip™ sole.

The SAS X-tra Grip™ sole has outperformed industry standards using the Brungraber Mark II testing method for wet and oily conditions. SAS X-Tra Grip™ sole features a hexagon shape rubber outsole pattern that helps channel floor spills to maintain effective contact with floor surfaces – ensuring better safety – while a lightweight and flexible polyurethane midsole provides both support and comfort for a good day’s work.

SAS features stylish and sturdy choices for both men and women. For men, options like the Guardian or the Navigator help withstand long days on your feet. For women, shoes like the Liberty, Patriot, or Alpine are a wise investment. All styles, for both men and women, feature a removable and washable CoolSTEP™ footbed that helps keep your feet cool and dry throughout the day. For maximum safety, SAS’ slip resistant X-Tra Grip™ sole is most effective when combined with proper floor maintenance whether at home or at work.

For other demanding occupations that require standing and walking all day and share the same need for properly constructed work appropriate footwear, SAS carries a variety of styles featuring their ground-breaking S-Motion® Technology. This new technology is built into SAS’ Supersoft® sole and supports the three-part walking motion of the anatomy of the foot. Starting at the cushioned heel strike, following across the arch of the foot and through the inside ball forward to the final toe end push-off when walking, S-Motion® shoes are designed with foot health in mind.

S-Motion™ technology was created to support natural strides and make way for an improved performance walk. The women’s Walk Easy, a Medicare/Diabetic approved style, comes in a variety of colors and is made specifically for an all-day comfort walking experience. The Step Out equally supports the three-part walking motion of the foot for long-wearing comfort in a Mary Jane style. Men’s options include the Move On and the Cruise On, featuring cushioned comfort for your stride on those never-ending days.

Properly made footwear is essential. However, those who work in industries such as professional cleaning, hospitality, and roofing, can especially benefit from SAS’ technology. Not only to possibly help prevent slipping, but also to make a hard day’s work a little bit easier. There are a wide variety of long-term effects that result from wearing improper footwear all day long. That being said, it would be best for you to equip yourself with footwear that has the best possible technology to not only keep you a little safer on the job, but also lend your feet the support and the comfort they deserve.

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