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Spring Cleaning Your Closet!

Spring Cleaning Your Closet!

What to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away.

April 19, 2019 By Chealsea Hunt
Bluebonnet Spring Cleaning Your Closet Bluebonnets Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Here in Texas, bluebonnets are popping up along the roadsides. That can only mean one thing. Spring is here!

The crisp cold of winter has finally faded away, and the world is coming back to life. Everywhere you look, you see things changing, growing, and becoming beautiful in a different way.

And as the wildflowers start to bloom, people all over the world will grow and change with them. That's because spring is a season for self-improvement. It's a time to work on both your inner and outer beauty. And it's time for spring cleaning!

That means out with the old, and in with the new!


Maybe, but maybe not.

At least not when it comes to decluttering your closet. Some fashion trends always make a comeback, and you may come to regret throwing out certain items.

It can be difficult deciding what to hold on to and what to let go of. There's a fine line between saving something for later and hoarding things you truly don't need.

But don't worry! SAS is here to help. I've put together this handy guide to help you understand what you should keep, what you should donate, and what you should throw away.

What to Keep - Spring 2019 Fashion Trends You Already Own

1. That Little Denim Number You Thought Was Outdated

SAS Metro Spring Cleaning your Closet SAS Metro Spring Cleaning your Closet

While denim jeans never seem to falter in popularity, other denim items go in and out of style. But looking back through decades of fashion history, one thing is certain. These blue-jean items always make a comeback.

If you own a denim jacket, skirt, or overalls, you should hold on to it. Unless it's worn out and needs to be replaced, each of these items are sure to be in fashion time and time again.

When your denim clothes do go out of style, tuck them away somewhere in the back of your closet for another day. When you're spring cleaning and you find your denim looks a little dated, fold it neatly into a storage container and place it out of the way.

That being said, you shouldn't pack these items away just yet. Denim is in this year! In fact, it's one of the most comfortable and stylish spring 2019 fashion trends!

So feel free to pair that blue-jean skirt with a glamorous top and a pair of sleek sandals for an upscale feel. Gladiator sandals like Sandra complete this look beautifully.

Throw your denim jacket on over a floral or pastel dress for a classic spring look and feel. Or give this casual piece a classy vibe with a collared blouse, pencil skirt, and a pair of loafers. Metro works perfectly with this type of ensemble!

Rock a denim dress with cute booties like Dylan!

Or look hipster-chic with overalls over a fitted black shirt. Finish the look with stylish and supportive black heels like Bianca or opt for a wedge like Rosa.

2. The Trench Coat You're Worried Looks "So Last Season"

SAS Scenic Spring Cleaning your Closet SAS Scenic Spring Cleaning your Closet

The trench coat is here to stay! Don't get so carried away with your spring cleaning that you throw out this classic fashion piece.

Unless your trench coat is some eccentric color (think bright pink or yellow), it's virtually guaranteed to come back into style again and again. In fact, rich and neutral toned trench coats never entirely fade from the fashion spotlight. And they are absolutely in this year!

Trench coats are actually one of the hottest spring 2019 fashion trends!

Pair this garment with another timeless fashion favorite for a sleek and stylish look. You simply can't go wrong with a trench coat and ballet flats. Keep this look up to date this year with fitted trousers and a fitted tee.

If you're feeling ultra-modern, go with a patterned or textured ballet flat finish. Scenic in black lace or black/gold works wonderfully.

3. Those White Pants You've Been Afraid to Wear

SAS Layla Spring Cleaning your Closet SAS Layla Spring Cleaning your Closet

I feel like white pants are one of those garments everyone has, but no one ever really wears. They're almost always considered fashionable, so you can't ever bring yourself to throw them out when spring cleaning. But you can't remember the last time you put them on, either.

White pants are one of the cutest spring 2019 style trends! So why do they sit abandoned in so many people's closets?

I've personally heard countless reasons.

They make you look bigger, white doesn't suit your skin tone, people can always see your underwear, they'll get stained and you'll have to toss them out...

The list goes on and on. But these concerns really have no grounds in reality. They are fashion myths, and nothing more.

The color of the pants has no impact on how big or small you look. It's the shape and style of the pants that matters. Find a size and cut that works for you. No matter your size or shape, you can look stunning in a properly sized pair of white pants.

And regardless of skin tone, you can rock any color you want. It's honestly about what you feel good in, but if you need a little reassurance, SAS has you covered. Always remember that white doesn't wash out pale skin, it gives you a classy neutral pallet. And darker skin tones contrasts beautifully with lighter fabrics!

As for the underwear, simply match your skin tone with a nude panty and you're good to go!

If you do happen to spill something on yourself, there are cheap, portable stain removing products that work wonders. When you're stocking up on spring cleaning products, you should absolutely invest in some of these.

Don't be afraid to wear white pants! Embrace this versatile look. It's probably my favorite of the spring 2019 trends!

White jeans or slacks are so fresh, and the neutral color makes it easy to pair them with virtually anything.

White looks great with a neutral, jewel toned pallet, for example. Just take a look at this stunning ensemble featuring white jeans and our Layla wedge in fog/taupe.

White pants really pop next to contrasting colors as well. Make your look feel classy and dramatic with a darker shoe like Marnie in black. Or add some fun with a vibrant top and bold sandal like Pampa in Sapphire Weave!

There's really no way to go wrong with this style favorite. Plus, it looks great all year long, so you never really need to pack it away when spring cleaning.

4. Sentimental Pieces

The last time I went throw my closet, I found that I had a lot of old shirts that held sentimental value, but I never actually wore them. I'm sure this is a situation that a lot of people have experienced.

For me specifically, these garments included old soccer tournament shirts, concert t-shirts, and horribly hideous shirts I made with my friends back in high school. They all held a special place in my heart, but they were taking up so much space in my closet. I wanted more room for the latest spring 2019 trends, so I came up with a unique way to hold on to these items without keeping them in the way of newer garments.

I had a quilt made from the fabric of the shirts. This was a creative tactic to not only hold on to my memories, but to actually celebrate them. I recommend doing something similar with your own emotionally valuable pieces.

What to Give Away

SAS Comfort & Support Team Spring Cleaning Your Closet SAS Comfort & Support Team Spring Cleaning Your Closet


My most recent fashion weakness is the color mustard yellow. I just love the way I look and feel in it.

However, I recently found myself standing in my closet staring at four almost idential mustard yellow shirts. They were all cute, they all fit properly, and I liked them all individually. But did I really need them all?

The answer is no. I did not.

And neither do you. It's time to bag up your own "mustard yellow shirts" and take all the duplicates in your closet to your local donation station. This is perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of spring cleaning. You get to clear up space in your wardrobe for the spring 2019 fashion trends you don't already own, and you get to help others in the process!

Here at SAS, we love to give back to our community, and we encourage you to do the same!

Ill-Fitting Pieces

Sometimes you lose weight, sometimes you gain weight. It happens, and it's a natural part of life. But change is scary, and being comfortable in your own skin isn't always easy. I've recently hit my mid-twenties and my metabolism is starting to slow down. I'm not sure how to react, but I've definitely been feeling a little self-conscious lately.

As I said before, you should never force yourself to part with something sentimental when cleaning out your closet. That's why I'm holding on to one pair of jeans that used to just fit perfectly. They make a great motivator to meet my workout goals when I see them in my dresser every morning.

But it is simply illogical to hold on to an entire wardrobe that no longer fits. And I've realized it's actually an incredible confidence booster to wear clothes that fit the body I have, instead of the body I want. It's been a journey of self love, for sure, but I'm glad I've reached this point of acceptance. Plus it's been a great excuse to shop for some of the newest and cutest spring 2019 fashion trends!

What to Throw Out

Most donation stations won't take damaged articles of clothing. So, when you're spring cleaning this year, don't just bag up all of your unwanted items to donate. As good as your intentions may be, doing this can actually waste a lot of volunteer hours. Save donation station workers' time and effort by sorting through your own clothing.

Of course, you know that all old socks and undergarments go in the trash and not the donation bag.

Anything with holes, unintentional rips, or stains also belong in the garbage.

Additional items to toss out include pieces that have been stretched out or otherwise worn to the point where they do not fit properly.

As a general rule, if an item in your closet is more than two years old and has been worn regularly, it's probably too worn out and/or dated to keep around or donate. If it's not a classic piece that continually makes a comeback, and it's not a high-quality piece made to last years, then it's probably time to say goodbye and good riddance.

This applies to clothes and shoes.

When you buy shoes, it's always best to invest in something that's going to last. Because just like denim clothing, shoe styles tend to come back into popularity after their initial appearance in the limelight.

Right now, we're seeing a big comeback for chunky white tennis shoes and comfy-chic sandals with thick straps. These are two of the biggest spring 2019 fashion trends. But they have been popular before, and they will undoubtedly be popular again.

So, before you waste your money on shoes that will barely last this fashion season, consider investing in higher quality products. Here at SAS, our shoes are always handcrafted from the finest leathers for style, comfort, and durability. You can find trendy, chunky sneakers and sandals from SAS that are made to last with proper care. Check out our Tour Mesh, FT Mesh, Relaxed, Huggy, and Mystic.
SAS Relaxed Spring cleaning your closet SAS Relaxed Spring Cleaning Your Closet

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