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The Best Back to School Styles!

Must-Haves for Teachers and College Students

August 23, 2019 By Chealsea Hunt

It’s that time of year again. Back to school ads are cropping up everywhere, and you can practically hear the collective groan from students (and teachers) as summer comes to an end. For some, classes have already started!

But returning to school isn’t all bad. As the summer weeks passed, you probably started to go a little stir-crazy sitting around the house. It’ll be nice to get out every day and see friends and coworkers you’ve missed! Plus, who doesn’t love back-to-school shopping?

Now, most of those ads I mentioned earlier target kids. But here at SAS, we know that teachers and students heading off to college will need to update their wardrobe as well. Luckily, we’re here to help you choose the best shoes to meet your style and comfort needs!

Tips for Women who Teach

Just like the kids in your classroom, teachers have a dress code to follow. Different school districts may have different specific requirements, but the same general rule always applies.

Teachers need to look professional.

Now with that being said, teachers are also on their feet most of the day. It’s rare that you get a moment to sit at your desk. This means your average run-of-the-mill dress styles simply won’t work. You need shoes that look great and provide enough support for all-day wear.

Avoid High Heels

SAS Bliss Leopard

This doesn’t mean you have to avoid heels entirely. But you’ll want to select a low to mid heel or wedge.

Bliss is a fantastic slip-on style with a slight heel to elevate your overall look. It wraps your foot in soft leather and offers enhanced cushioning for greater comfort. Plus, it comes in 7 great color options, so it’s easy to pair this shoe with any ensemble in your closet!

If you’re hoping for more of a traditional heel, opt for a block style like Lena.

Trendy kitten heels are also a great option! If this is your style, then you’ll love Moxie, Isabel, and the retro-chic Cate!

These styles provide a sturdier base than stilettos, and they offer the greater support and enhanced cushioning you can expect from all SAS shoes!

Embrace Loafers

Loafers are the perfect style for teachers! They’re versatile, professional, and super comfortable! And if you get the right kind of loafers, they’ll support you for long hours on your feet.

SAS loafers are designed using the latest technology to provide you with the support you need. You’re sure to love styles like Metro, Elsa, Simplify, and Simplify Nubuck!

Style Sneak Peek

COMING THIS FALL - Be sure to keep an eye out for our new Lara slip on loafer! This style will be released soon, and it is perfect for educators!

This shoe is lovingly handcrafted with your comfort in mind. Features include a soft cushioned lining, comfort footbed, and cushioned outsole. Lara feels great and looks incredible. It will be available in five stunning finish options, making it easy to mix and match with different pieces in your wardrobe.

Lara’s genuine moccasin construction and luxurious leathers look great with everything from business casual to jeans and a t-shirt. It easily takes you from the classroom to a night out with friends!

SAS Lara Lifestyle SAS Lara Leopard SAS Bliss Lifestyle SAS Lana Leopard

Must Have Moccasins

SAS moccasin styles in general are designed to be soft, form-fitting, supportive, and comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Consider Bounce when you shop for the coming school year! This long-time SAS favorite is now available in a new Carnival Black colorway, and for a limited time you can purchase Bounce LTD in the stunning Nero Snake and Brocade finish options.

If you prefer something more traditional, Taylor is a beautiful shoe that actually combines all three of the tips I’ve mentioned thus far! It is a tailored loafer with genuine moccasin construction and a fashionable, comfortable low heel. It’s stylish and will support you from the first bell of the day to the last!

SAS Bounce Carnival SAS Bounce LTD Lifestyle SAS Bounce Carnival SAS Bounce LTD Lifestyle

Tips for Men in Education

Men can get in on the moccasin trend, too! Class it up and keep it comfortable with shoes like Side Gore. This moccasin style offers advanced comfort features for all-day support, and it will be available this fall in a new "antique tan" leather finish!

SAS Side Gore Lifestyle

Aden is great style for men who work in education. This shoe offers classic oxford style with modern comfort. Look the part of a professional teacher and feel your best with enhanced cushioning and support features.

SAS Aden

'Bout Time LT is also perfect for that business casual vibe! Simply pair with nice jeans and a blazer for a relaxed upscale look.

SAS Bout Time
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Styles for Students

SAS Marnie Lace Up

If you or someone you love will be heading off to college this year, buying proper campus footwear is essential! If you’re looking for a going-away-gift for your child or grandchild, this is something you’ll want to consider. It’s certainly something I would have appreciated when I was in school.

Supportive Slip-Ons and Casual Lace-Ups

Cute little slip-on flats and flexible lace-ups are super trendy right now! They’re easy to wear and often feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all.

But beware of wearing the wrong slip-ons or soft sneakers around campus!

You’ll most likely be doing a lot more walking between classes than you were accustomed to in high school. If you purchase run-of-the-mill slip-on styles, you won’t get the proper support.

Your feet will hurt.

It is worth it to invest in quality shoes that are made for comfort and built to last. My style recommendations are Sunny and Funk.

Or if you prefer lace-up shoes, Marnie is the way to go! You’ll definitely want this style in your suitcase before you head off to school!

When you shop these looks from SAS, they’re not only cute and flexible, but supportive and cushioned as well! Students can look and feel their best, which will make it easier to focus on classes!

SAS Tour Mesh


SAS Tour Mesh LT

Activewear is perfect for the college environment! You simply can’t go wrong with high quality sneakers.

Here at SAS, our newest active styles are perfect for the student lifestyle!

Journey Mesh LT for men and Tour Mesh LT for women even come in bold, reflective options! This means you can work out around campus in the early mornings – or enjoy the student night life – with shoes that increase your visibility in low-light situations.

SAS Tour & Journey Mesh LT

Weather Resistant Shoes

When it’s cold and you have to walk through rain or snow to get to class, there’s nothing more miserable than your shoes filling with water. Trudging around campus all day with wet feet is just the worst.

Our Gretchen boot is made from premium water-resistant leather and features a SAS X-Tra Grip Sole™ for greater stability on slick ground. The anti-microbial footbed wicks away moisture and provides enhanced cushioning for comfort. Plus, it’s super cute and comes in a variety of great colors!

Shop now and find all the fantastic shoes you or your loved one needs to get through the school year!

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