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Five Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Avoid (and one you SHOULD get)

January 29, 2019 By Chealsea Hunt
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to Valentine's Day gift ideas, some are definitely better than others.

It's not always easy to shop for other people, regardless of how well you know them. You can love your partner, and still have absolutely no idea what you should get them as a present. It's not your fault. We’ve all been there.

Maybe shopping just isn’t your thing

Maybe you got your significant other something fantastic for Christmas, and you’re all out of ideas?

Whatever the reason, it is completely acceptable if you need a few pointers on what Valentine's Day gift ideas will work, and which ones won’t. You just need a little help, and SAS has you covered. We’ve made this list of five gifts your partner can probably live without, and one we know they’ll love!

Five Ideas to Pass On

      1. Red Roses
      If we're being honest, Roses are unoriginal and expensive. It's a big price tag on a gift that's just not worth it.

      Roses are nice to look at, but they’re also uninspired. They only last a few days, and they don’t really say anything special about how you feel for your significant other.

      It is true that roses work great as an accent to another, more thoughtful gift. They can certainly add that "Valentine's Day" vibe.

      But you don’t just want your gift to say "It's Valentine's Day!"

      You want your gift to say, "I love you."

      2. Gift Cards
      Roses are uninspired, but at least they embody the spirit of the holiday.

      Gift cards are an easy way out, and they make it seem like you didn’t put much thought into what you were getting your significant other.

      The best Valentine’s Day gift ideas are all about personalization. They show how much you really care about your partner as an individual.

      You want your gift to be about them. What do they like? What’s their unique style?

      Sure, a gift card to their favorite store says you know where they like to shop.

      But you should also browse and find a specific item your partner will enjoy. This shows that you took the time to consider them and that you put forth a real effort to make them happy.

      3. Clothing
      You don’t want to get them a gift card. So why not buy them an outfit from that store at the mall they love? Sounds like a great idea, right? Maybe?

      Maybe not. Especially if the person you're with is a woman.

      Men’s clothing comes in relatively standard sizes. Odds are, they wear the same size at most stores.

      Women's clothing sizes, however, are completely erratic. She could wear a Large at one store, and be a size Small at the boutique next door.

      Crazy, right?

      And if that weren’t bad enough, she may actually wear multiple sizes from a single store depending on brand and cut!

      There's a reason it can take women a while when they go out shopping for clothes. The ability to find an outfit that fits both her body and her personality is an art form. It takes a lifetime of practice to get it just right.

      You don’t want to buy her something she’ll never be able to wear. It’s a waste of money, and it may actually inspire hurt feelings if you guess her size incorrectly.

      4. Repeat Gifts
      So, clothes, gift cards, and flowers are out. What other options do you have?

      Did your partner love the Valentine’s Day gift ideas you thought of in recent years? Their face just lit up when they unwrapped the gift box you gave them last year?

      That’s great! But that’s not incentive to purchase the exact same things this year. Repeat gifts are basically never a good idea.

      You don’t want to get a gift card because it just doesn’t seem very thoughtful, and neither does buying the same item twice in a row. When you take that route, you’re basically telling your partner that you put effort into it once and that was good enough.

      “Good enough,” should never be the goal when it comes to relationships. You want things to be great. It takes a little more effort, but it’s absolutely worth it in the end.

      5. Something for Both of You (but not really)
      A couple's retreat or gift for two can make for great Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but only when you will both genuinely like what you get.

      In short, don’t buy him that tech gadget you’ve had your eye on because he “might like it, too.”

      And don’t take him to the spa because you’ve always wanted a couple’s spa day. Even if you think he’ll probably enjoy himself, that’s not the point. If the gift isn’t something specifically designed to please your partner, then it probably isn’t appropriate for their Valentine’s Day present.

      By all means, take your spouse to that show you’ve wanted to see for ages! Make it a date night. But you should probably pick a date other than February 14 to do so.

A Valentine's Day Gift Your Partner Will Love

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