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Walk the Graduation Stage in Style!

May 10, 2019 By Chealsea Hunt
Graduation time is here!

Graduation season is here!

If you or a loved one will be graduating soon, congratulations! From everyone here at SAS, I'd like to say we are very proud of all graduates for their accomplishments!

These hardworking High School and College students will soon be entering a whole new phase of life. But before they can do that, they have to walk across that stage. And SAS would love to help them do so in style and comfort!

That's why I've written this blog to help graduates choose the best shoes for graduation.

The entire ensemble is important, of course. You're going to be taking a lot of photos in and out of your cap and gown. But the most crucial element of your grad outfit is without a doubt the shoes. They are always visible, whether you're wearing the full regalia or not. This means you want to wear something stylish!

But you'll also need to rely heavily on your footwear for comfort and stability. After all, no one wants to trip when they're walking up to receive their diploma.

This means you need to wear shoes that are fashionable, but also practical for the occasion. You should be able to stand and walk comfortably in your shoes for extended periods of time. And if your graduation venue is anything like the auditorium my own ceremony took place in, you should be prepared to tackle a lot of stairs.

You probably want to avoid stilettos. Unless you have a lot of experience walking in heels, this type of shoe could be a disaster in the making.

Proper shoe selection is something you should put a bit of thought in to it. However, it's not something you should stress about. Simply follow these basic rules and you'll be good to go!

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Graduation.

1. Wear comfortable shoes you can walk in.

Like I said before, you should not wear stilettos to graduation unless you're experienced with walking in them.

You should wear something that's more supportive, cushioned, and well balanced.

If you're determined to wear heels, wedges are super cute! Plus, they're much sturdier than spike heels. Choose a pair with a solid base and a comfortable footbed, and you'll be well on your way to that diploma!

Layla, Rosa, and Carine are great options!

Graduation shoes SAS Layla Wedge
Graduation shoes SAS Rosa Wedge
Graduation shoes SAS Carine

These shoes are supportive, chic, and offer a variety of colors and leather finishes to choose from.

2. Don't wear shoes you've never worn before.

While the actual graduation ceremony may only take a few hours, graduation celebrations often go on for hours afterwards. Family dinners, graduation parties, and other festivities can take time.

And when you're going to be wearing a pair of shoes for such an extended period of time, you want them to be broken in. No matter how comfortable they are to begin with, they're always going to be more comfortable when they've conformed to the shape of your foot.

Because graduates and their loved ones are likely to be out and on their feet all day, it's important that everyone attending graduation festivities selects event appropriate shoes and wears them for an hour a day, every day from the time of purchase until graduation.

Block heels and kitten are also a great graduation shoe to consider! Especially if you're loving the retro, throwback styles embraced by today's fashion industry.

Isabel, Piera, and Cate are perfect graduation heels! They're handcrafted to be fashionable and supportive. Break them in and wear them for the ceremony, and you can walk that stage with grace and style!

Graduation shoes SAS Isabel
Graduation shoes SAS Piera
Graaduation shoes SAS Cate

3. Backstraps are your friend!

Since most graduations take place in May, you want to wear something seasonally appropriate. Chic, stylish sandals work perfectly! But remember you're going to be doing a lot of walking. You don't want to lose a shoe or stumble, so backstraps and sandals that fully cup your heel are the way to go!

Something delicate and simple like Marina would look lovely with a flowing dress or skirt, and the vibrant leathers are sure to stand out in a crowd of matching graduation gowns.

Graduation shoes SAS Marina
Graduation shoes SAS Marina
Graduation shoes SAS Marina

A sleek gladiator sandal like Sandra is also a fantastic choice.

Graduation shoes SAS Sandra
Graduation shoes SAS Sandra
Graduation shoes SAS Sandra

Or if you prefer more of a plush look, Simone in suede could be the sandal for you. It comes in a variety of vibrant finishes and colors, making iteasy to follow the final grad shoe rule!

Graduation shoes SAS Simone
Graduation shoes SAS Simone
Graduation shoes SAS Simone

4. Choose a shoe that stands out and fits your style.

When choosing your graduation shoe, don't worry about trying to color coordinate with your cap and gown. Choose something that fits your style and personality. Whether you want a more classic black shoe, or you want to make a statement with a pop of color, it's all up to you! And either way, SAS has you covered.

Perhaps you want a sleek little ballet flat? This is another wonderful graduation style, as long as you select a flat with a supportive, cushioned footbed. Our Scenic is perfect and comes in numerous color and leather varieties.

Graduation shoes SAS Scenic
Graduation shoes SAS Scenic
Graduation shoes SAS Scenic

No matter the style or color you're looking for, SAS is sure to have the perfect graduation shoe for you and your loved ones!

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