SAS x Zimmerman: Limited Collection

Zimmerman Shoes Exclusively For SAS

The Generations Collection between San Antonio Shoemakers and Zimmerman Shoes is a union of two historic, family-owned brands that handcraft quality leather shoes. Both companies proudly produce footwear in the USA, carrying the torch of American craftsmanship. This partnership is a tribute to generations of style, blending their enduring artistry to create shoes for every member of the family, from infants to grandparents.

Embrace the uniqueness of this collection featuring 4 perfectly matched styles. For young ladies and women, discover the charming Scalloped MJ coupled with our Eden, and the Artie complementing our Annex. On the boys and men's side, experience the Fisherman paired with our Endeavor, or choose the Clint, a timeless style, paired with our Ambassador.

This exclusive collection is available online and in select stores for a limited time, making it a perfect holiday gift. Don't miss the opportunity to unite generations in craftsmanship – get yours today.

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