SAS Shoe Care Playlist

SAS Genuine Leather

Thank you for choosing SAS. Our shoes are handcrafted for comfort. Briar marks and other leather imperfections are characteristics of natural hides. We do not try to hide or replace them with dyes and stains. Such marks add to the natural beauty of our full grain leathers. As with any fine leather product, proper care is essential for appearance, comfort and wear. Alternating your shoes with another pair from your wardrobe will prove to be less costly, as each pair will wear longer and feel better.

Sole Care

Carefully apply SAS Sole Cleaner to a clean damp rag and buff gently. Repeat as necessary to completely remove all traces of dirt, smudges, or scuffs.

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  1. Apply SAS Shoe Cleaner.
  2. Wipe with a damp cloth or rag. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary. Allow the shoe plenty of time to dry.
  3. Apply Wax Polish Black or SAS Soft Leather Cream Polish in the appropriate color to the newly cleaned areas. Allow for the shoe to dry once again.
  4. Buff polished areas with a clean soft rag or the SAS Shoe Brush in order to create luster finish on the shoe.

Still have a question about taking care of your shoes?

Contact our Customer Service Department via email or call 1-877-727-7463, we're happy to help you out!