August 2023 - San Antonio Shoemakers hype on the rise along with 'grandpa style'
San Antonio Shoemakers is getting international attention. This time for its own brand of "grandpa style," and not because Kanye West is talking about taking over the Alamo City brand again.

August 2023 - These Grandpa Sneakers Are Made in America.
San Antonio Shoemakers, one of the few American sneaker manufacturers left, caters to the geriatric set. But lately, a young international cohort is snapping them up.

July 2023 - The Best Sandals For Wide Feet
Verywell Fit has recognized our Nudu sandals as the Best Everyday sandal, praising their wide range of widths and sizes, as well as their exceptional support and shock-absorbent soles.

April 2023 - Announcing the 2023 Family-Owned Business honorees - San Antonio Business Journal.
San Antonio Shoes is being honored as a top family owned business by the San Antonio Business Journal.

March 2023 - Texas Monthly's The Ultimate Texas Brand Bracket.
San Antonio Shoemakers was amongst 63 other Texas brands as Texas Monthly was seeking to crown the most iconic of them all.

January 2023 - Best Black Dress Shoes for Women Over 50 Your Feet Will Love
#1. Best Low Heel - SAS Allegro: Reading the reviews on this shoe is all you need to convince you to click “Add to cart.” They are loved by bunion sufferers, provide plenty of arch support, and the SAS Tripad Comfort System will keep your feet comfortable all day long.