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Get fit and stand out with Tour Mesh LT for women and Journey Mesh LT for men! Both shoes are made with the same great features and benefits and include reflective finish options.

WOMEN’S Tour Mesh LT Punch

  • bold premium leather
  • breathable mesh
  • cushioned support for all-day wear
  • vibrant reflective style option
Women's Tour Mesh LT Lace Up Sneaker

Standout Styles

Tour Mesh LT and Journey Mesh LT come in bold, trendy colorways. Both shoes offer the same enhanced comfort features, and the men’s hazard and women’s punch color options include reflective siding!

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MEN’S Journey Mesh LT HAZARD

  • enhanced cushioning
  • unlined mesh in the vamp
  • durable premium leather
  • option for reflective sides
Men's Journey Mesh LT Lace Up Sneaker


With this versatile bag, you’ll enjoy effortless style and easy organization. Faye II goes where you go, from the gym in the morning to a night out with friends!

Women's Faye II Tote Handbag Women's Faye II Tote Handbag Colors Available in Wine Nylon, Navy Nylon, and Espresso Nylon

Available in three stylish colors!

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