Security Policy

At SAS, we know that keeping your credit card information secure is important to you. That makes it very important to us. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption technology to protect your online information.

How do we make sure information is secure?
The SAS website features the latest in Extended Validation 256-bit SSL encryption provided by Comodo, Inc. Comodo is the leading internet security provider, who provides the highest standards of authentication and security. To ensure you are making a secure payment, you should look for the green trusted site seal and address bar from Comodo, Inc. SAS utilizes as our payment gateway. All financial transactions are encrypted and transferred to over the internet. SAS does not store any credit card information, making us 100% PCI compliant.

Do I have to turn the security feature on when I want to shop?
The security features are automatic, and always on. You don't have to do anything but shop. Clicking "Checkout" on any page is all it takes to get started in our secure checkout process.

How do I know if I'm connected when I start ordering?
Once you've clicked the "Continue Checkout" button, your browser looks for a digital certificate to confirm that it's communicating with our website. Once a positive identification is made, your order will continue securely.

Are all the pages on your website secure?
Most of the pages on our website provide information about SAS and our products. We make this information available freely and there's no reason for these pages to be "secure." The pages that we make secure are the ones on which you actually submit purchasing data such as when managing your account, checking your order status, or within the "Checkout" area. For example, the entire checkout process, from introduction to final confirmation, is completely secure.

Is my information secure when it's transmitted across the Internet?
All of your information is encrypted before it's transmitted across the Internet, then decoded only after it arrives at our secure servers.

We take the privacy rights of users of this site very seriously and our Privacy Policy explains to you how certain information about you may be processed.